Our background

Founded in 2005 as KIDS@PLAY Ltd, the business has continued to evolve and develop year on year. In 2017 it was acquired by Nat Southworth and renamed KAP Toys to get rid of that tricky ‘@’ in the name! Following the name change growth has accelerated! The newly-formed team have 100 years’ working experience in the toy industry. They have worked for big-name toy companies you will know such as Tomy, Playmobil, Hornby, HTi and Vivid Imaginations.

Maxx Marketing Distributor of the Year

In 2018 we secured our first new product range from Maxx Marketing, which included the Real Talking Sorting Hat®. The wonderful interactive toy, featured in JK Rowling’s hugely successful Harry Potter series, led to an explosion of press coverage and a flurry of industry awards for KAP Toys.

Lego LEDLites

Since then we have never looked back. We continue to develop and expand our ever-growing range of toys, making new connections and new opportunities with leading figures in the trade all the time.

Recent business wins include representing LEGO with minifigure keyring torches in the shape of DC Comics and Star Wars characters, and a stellar launch of Stranger Things Mystery Capsules. We have successfully launched gaming product Among Us through the license range and we have got the jump on the trends from larger toy companies by securing a line of Hello Kitty, the most-played licensed Roblox game! Keep checking back to see what we are doing next!

Our Team

Nat Southworth

Nat Southworth ACMA, MBA

Managing Director

Nat has spent 20 years in the toy business, with roles in finance, buying, marketing, and sales and time with Asda, Vivid, Hti and Hornby preparing for this role.

He likes things to be black and white when it comes to the detail of the business.

A self-confessed workaholic, since buying KAP Toys Nat believes he can add logistics to his experience having unloaded all the containers and run the traffic department of our operation throughout Covid on top of his day job!

Nat gets rather excited about what we are doing here at KAP Toys and he loves talking about it!

Neil Leah

Neil Leah

Head of Sales

Nat met Neil on an early buy trip for Asda – don’t get them started on how many WWE® action figures they used to buy and sell. Nat joined Vivid and then they sold even more!

Neil has an unbelievable track record for growing sales, which now spans 40 years. He is an acknowledged professional and arguably one of the industry’s greatest salesmen, with a particular specialism in FOB transactions.

We challenge you to find anyone who has a bad word to say about Neil – mould broken.

Claire Beard

Claire Beard

Interim Marketing Manager

Claire loves all things toys! Claire has worked in the toy industry, across both sides (buying and supply) for 20 years. She is also a ‘multi-tasking ninja’ mum of two therefore used to being a consumer, constantly surrounded by toys in both her work and home life!

Claire likes using her experience and expert knowledge in the industry to get as many toys as possible in to the hands of children and big kids alike. That’s why she works so well with Nat, Neil and Andrea, the KAP sales dream team.

Andrea Hawker

Andrea Hawker

Sales Manager

Nat and Andrea met at a recent toy fair and after an initial chat, Nat says “I knew we needed to persuade Andrea to join us!” Andrea brings with her an unquestionable reputation for delivery. Having started as a sales admin assistant in the toy industry, she has worked her way through various administration and sales roles to National Account Management.

She truly recognises how hard it is to get an order, deliver an order, and make things happen so there is a repeat order!

Following rapid growth at KAP Toys, Andrea’s arrival will reinforce our system of professional delivery and attention to detail for all our partners! Andrea drives the highest levels of customer service and we know that you will appreciate her work!

Danny Peet

Danny Peet

Warehouse Manager

Danny is a relative newcomer to the world of toys but not the world of logistics! An early career at DHL saw him progress from the warehouse floor to running the office of a local haulier to KAP Toys.

Nat and Danny hit it off whilst Nat was moonlighting as logistics during Covid and when there was a restructuring at the haulier business Nat was straight on the phone, convincing Danny to come and manage the warehouse for KAP Toys. Although Nat occasionally sneaks back in to the warehouse its Danny’s job to keep it all running smoothly… and it is now beautifully organised! Danny prides himself on getting it right first time!